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What to see in Dubai?

Dubai is a truly fantastic city.

Created almost in the desert on the site of a small settlement in just a few decades, today it is the most luxurious, modern and expensive city in the world that every traveler dreams of visiting.

Have you yet seen lions and cheetahs on a leash, golden Rolls-Royces, gilded buildings and shining skyscrapers hundreds and hundreds of meters high? Then you should definitely go to Dubai!

We have prepared for you a list of ten reasons for which you should visit Dubai: attractions, features and unique entertainment that you can try only here.

1. Dubai Shopping Centers
All real shopaholics know that one of the best cities in the world for shopping is Dubai. Many shopping and entertainment centers, boutiques and malls are able to realize the desires of even the most sophisticated fans of big shopping.

Here you can buy everything from exclusive jewelry and super-fashionable designer clothes to household goods and children’s things. When shopping in this paradise for shopaholics, be sure to look for exotic experiences in local specialized boutiques that sell abaya wraps – the traditional black outerwear of Islamic women.

2. Dubai Gold Market
What they love Dubai’s gold markets for is a great combination of low jewelry prices, high quality and the ability to bargain.

Emirates is very fond of gold, so there are not only special gold markets, but also individual shopping centers that are completely dedicated to all kinds of jewelry. The most famous of them is Gold & Diamond Park in Dubai, in 80 jewelry boutiques of which you can buy not only ready-made jewelry, but simply gold bullion, as well as precious stones not inserted into the frame.

3. Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab, a skyscraper in the shape of a sail of the Arab ship dhows, located in the sea off the coast, has been the symbol of Dubai for almost a decade. It was created in order to impress the world, and the whole world was truly amazed – innovative solutions in architecture, magnificent luxury and the highest level of service in the hotel and restaurants of Burj al-Arab made this skyscraper a tourist mecca for many years.

The height of Burj Al Arab is 321 meters. The cost of living in the most luxurious suite of this hotel complex is $ 20,000 per night.

4. Palm Jumeirah
Palm Jumeirah – an artificial island, created in the shape of a palm tree enclosed in a crescent moon, is another of the most striking sights of Dubai. On this artificial island there are luxury hotels, hotel residences and resort areas for vacationers. Of course, the pleasure of relaxing here is not cheap, but the impressions that you will have on Palm Jumeirah Island are really worth every cent spent on them.

5. Dubai Desert Safari
What could be more vibrant and adrenaline than safari in the desert of Dubai on powerful SUVs? Take part in this exotic entertainment as passengers and feel the excitement of conquering high dunes and dunes! The unbridled race organized by professional drivers in the desert will give you incredible excitement and pleasure from the trip.

After the trip, you can enjoy a national Arabic dinner, watch the performance of oriental dancers and ride a camel.

6. Golf in Dubai
Golf in Dubai is not cheap entertainment, and not everyone can afford it here. There are several professional golf clubs in the city, in which you can be offered different in size, number of holes, coverage and difficulty water courses of the field.

In these clubs, golf courses are provided with high-quality care, which is why they are quite consistent in their level with those sites where international competitions and golf championships take place.

The cost of one round at Dubai golf clubs starts from $ 200 per player, and for all participants without exception a strict dress code applies: only participants in trousers and polo shirts are allowed to play (players in sportswear, beachwear and shorts are simply not allowed to the game).

7. Dubai beaches
The rather hot climate in the emirates is especially conducive to beach vacations, and the beaches in Dubai, which really deserve the title of the best in the world, are able to provide this vacation at the highest level. The best beaches in Dubai are located in the Jumeirah area, but only hotel guests located on this strip have access to them.

If you are staying at any other hotel in Dubai, head to Kite Beach or Jumeirah Beach Park – these are very beautiful and popular city recreation areas.

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