Seven things to go to Denmark for
For those who want to relax in Denmark, the best time to travel is from May to September. And, of course, in December before Christmas, when the sights of Denmark…

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Terra Mongolia. About fishing in Western Mongolia
Altai Ottoman (mountain dace). OREOLEUCISCUS POTANINI In the water bodies of Western Mongolia, there are three forms of this fish: 1. Dwarf ottoman (weight up to 100 g., Length up…

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ATVs "Stealth" - the right extreme vacation in the spring
ATVs are becoming increasingly popular. Now there is no cliche that this is a transport created exclusively for entertainment. Four-wheel equipment is used as a reliable assistant in agriculture, in…

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The best festivals

March already came very close to us, and it was not long to wait for warm, good weather.

But spring is not only warm sunny days, flowering trees and good mood. In the first month of spring around the world there are a lot of interesting events, festivals and carnivals, a visit to which gives these colorful festive events guests a lot of pleasant impressions and good mood.

We have prepared for you a list of festivals for March 2015, with which you can make your travel program brighter and more interesting. Our calendar of events includes all the most popular tourist destinations, so you can definitely choose for yourself exactly the event that you can visit during your trip.

March 1 – 3: Carnival in Basel, Switzerland
In March, the Basel Carnival collects annually thousands of tourists from all over the world, therefore, during all three days of the holiday there is not only noisy and fun, but very, very noisy and fun. Vibrant parades, performances by actors and musicians, mass festivities in local pubs and bars are just a small part of what awaits the guests of this colorful holiday.

And the Carnival in Basel will begin on March 1st at 4:00 in the morning with costumed and torchlight processions.
March 1 – 7: Carnival of Candelaria, Spain (Tenerife)
Carnivals in the Canary Islands are held in almost every city. Carnival of Candelaria is very popular among tourists due to its originality. You will find a lot of dances, competitions, thematic processions, festivals and various events, including purely children’s programs.

March 3 – 28: Jazz Festival in Barcelona, ​​Spain
For 22 years in a row, a large jazz festival has been held annually in Terrace (one of the districts of Barcelona), during which guests of a music event will be able to listen to good quality music (not only jazz, but also of other styles) in live performance, watch interesting films, attend exhibitions, lectures and conferences.

March 4 – 15: Rhine Gastronomy and Wine Festival, Germany (Eltville)
The Rhine Gastronomy and Wine Festival in 2015 will be a real soul festival for gourmets who love Portuguese, French and Austrian cuisine – this year the culinary festival will be dedicated to these culinary trends. In addition to gastronomic masterpieces from professional chefs, guests of the festival will enjoy a real wine abundance: the best Rhine wines will be available for tastings and purchases in a variety of tasting shops.

March 6 – 10: Holi Festival, India
The festival of colors of Holi (Phagwah) always begins at the full moon and lasts exactly five days. During Holi’s celebration in India, real color madness sets in, so be prepared for the fact that in just a few minutes on the street you will be painted with special holiday colors in all colors of the rainbow. Remember, it is believed that the more flowers hit you, the more happiness and prosperity you wish.

March 6-14: Vinterfestuka in Narvik, Norway
Since the middle of the last century, the Vinterfestuka festival has been held daily in Norwegian Narvik, and in recent decades this winter festival, which was initially quite noticeably “French,” has gradually become a purely Norwegian holiday, focusing on local culture and ethnic group. During Vinterfestuka you can get acquainted with the era that reigned in Norway of the 19th century, see ancient costumes, jewelry, hats, popular at that time, as well as try local dishes, national sweets and drinks.

March 6 – 18: Irish Culture Festival in Manchester, UK

During the festival, which will last 12 days, Manchester will become the quintessence of true old Ireland. Traditions, festivals, theater performances, concerts and national entertainments in the spirit of Ireland are always noisy, bright and fun. The culmination of the holiday will take place on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day – grandiose events, parades and festive celebrations will be waiting for you. This year, during the Irish Culture Festival, a concert by U2 will also take place.

March 12 – 27: Festival of science fiction films, thrillers and science fiction in Brussels, Belgium
This annual film festival in Brussels presents to grateful viewers new author’s films in the fantasy genre. In parallel with film screenings during the film festival, thematic exhibitions of animation, body art, fiction literature, and fashion shows are held.
March 14th: St. Patrick’s Day Festival, UK (London)
On this day, the southern part of London turns into a venue for large-scale festivities: processions, music, dances, traditional Irish treats and drinks set the unique atmosphere of this holiday in the spirit of good old Ireland.

March 14 – 19: LasFallas Festival, Spain (Valencia)
The LasFallas Festival is the largest and most popular event in Valencia.

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