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When is the best time to go to Vietnam?

If you are tired of the standard destinations for relaxation and want to go to an exotic country for new emotions and impressions, be sure to take a look at a trip to Vietnam. Picturesque nature, delicious local cuisine, sights and friendly locals will make your stay interesting and memorable. When planning a vacation in Vietnam, it is important to remember that in the country are very clearly divided high and low season. So you should decide when exactly you want to go on a trip.

Vacations in Vietnam in the winter
The weather in Vietnam during the winter season will depend on which region of the country you are heading to: southern or northern. In South Vietnam, the air temperature is as comfortable as possible for relaxing on the beach or for a walk. The air warms up to +30 degrees. In addition, you are unlikely to fall even on the smallest cloud cover. Throughout winter, the territory of South Vietnam is dry and clear.

As for the northern part of the country, it is better to refuse a trip to this region in January and February. Air temperature does not rise above + 15-18 degrees. In addition, rest can significantly spoil shallow, but frequent rain.

Vacations in Vietnam in the spring
Many tourists prefer to come to Vietnam precisely from mid-March to May. This is due to the most comfortable temperature of air and water. You can see tours to Vietnam from Ukraine at this link

Of course, we should not forget that Vietnam is divided into southern and northern. In the southern part of the country, it has become quite hot since mid-April. However, the rainy season begins, which gradually captures North Vietnam.

Vacations in Vietnam in the summer
If you plan to go on last-minute tours to Vietnam, then keep in mind that the so-called rainy season begins in summer. Due to the special climate of the region, the weather here is characterized by frequent and heavy precipitation, which can spoil the vacation. Of course, this phenomenon looks beautiful and exciting. Especially when the rainfall resembles a solid wall. However, such weather significantly affects the quality of rest. It is unlikely that you can leave the hotel and go to the beach or for a walk.

If you still decide to go on holiday to Vietnam in the summer, choose hotels with a varied entertainment program. It is desirable that the complex had bars, restaurants, sports centers, billiards, bowling, etc.

The air temperature in Vietnam in the summer warms up to + 35-37 degrees. The rainy season falls simultaneously both in the southern and northern parts of the country. In August, it is amplified by strong typhoons that erode roads and complicate the movement of the resort.

Holidays in Vietnam in the fall
In September, the weather in Vietnam is very similar to the summer season. Rains still do not stop, although they may not go so often. And, if in the southern region you can hope that you will see the sun, then in the north of the country due to the action of the monsoons, you should not expect anything but a prolonged rain.

From mid-September, the typhoon period begins, during which it is strongly not recommended to visit the beach. Things are much nicer in southern Vietnam. There (if you are lucky with the weather and there will be no rain) due to strong winds and waves, you can surf. The main thing is to be very careful and not to go out into the water during a strong typhoon. Since October, the rainy season is slowly declining, but typhoons continue. It is best in the middle of autumn to relax in the southern part of the country (for example, the resorts of Nha Trang or the Phu Quoc islands).
High air humidity combined with high temperature can be a problem for those who can hardly tolerate heat or suffer from heart disease and hypertension. In mid-November, tourists in Vietnam are becoming much more. The air temperature drops to + 25-27 degrees, and you can not only lie on the beach, but also go on excursions or walks around the resorts.

As you can see, the time to relax in Vietnam should be chosen with great care. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will stay in your hotel room throughout your vacation. Now you know when it is better to go to Vietnam in order to enjoy the natural and architectural monuments of the resort as much as possible, as well as bring a lot of pleasant impressions and warm memories from the trip.

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