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What is notable for vacation in Azerbaijan
In Azerbaijan, tourists discover the world of ancient palaces, fortresses, magnificent nature, as well as the opportunity to be treated with oil. Here, rest will be inexpensive, but of high…

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Budapest sightseeing
If you plan to visit Hungary during your trip, be sure to plan at least a couple of days in your tourist program to get to know Budapest, the magnificent…

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Vinobrani Festivals in Prague
September in the Czech Republic is the time of the traditional festival “Vinobrani” - the festival of young wine. Almost all of September, residents and guests of Prague can attend…

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Madrid in 48 hours – what to see?

We continue a series of articles about interesting tourist attractions of different countries and cities with a story about Madrid. What to see in the Spanish capital, if you plan to get acquainted with this amazing city in just two days? The largest attractions and the most interesting places in Madrid!

To begin with, Madrid is the highest European capital (it is located at an altitude of 655 meters above sea level) and, in addition, one of the most visited cities in Spain by tourists. Here you will find many interesting places, interesting monuments and amazing museums, and you can also relax in any of the approximately 40 city parks and gardens.

The atmosphere in Madrid is not the same as, for example, in Barcelona, ​​it is worth coming here to Continue reading

The little heart of Tallinn

Travels are moments of life that you always want to extend. It doesn’t matter where you go: by plane, bus or even on foot.
The main thing is an internal feeling of joy, a premonition of new discoveries, interesting acquaintances and fateful meetings. Christmas travel is always of great interest to tourists. This is a fairy tale that is remembered all year.
We do not hesitate to pack our bags, take good friends with us and hit the road. Today, we invite you to visit medieval Tallinn. Alluring and brooding …. A fabulous city of childhood, which you always want to return to.
Imagine that snow is falling, stars are shining in the sky, and you are walking in the old city. In Tallinn, you Continue reading

Amazing Santo Domingo

The private Aura Beach, located outside the city, is not even close to what you imagine when you think about the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Sun loungers here do not stand in rows, and there is no struggle for a better place. Each place is as comfortable as the neighboring one. Unlike the island resorts of this region, here – literally a stone’s throw from Santo Domingo, there really is a place where you can just soak up the sun for hours on end.

Before dawn, you can have dinner with pasta with seafood, which will be served directly to your personal deck chair, standing at the very edge of the ocean. Where, if not here, you can taste the sophisticated bliss of decadence. Continue reading

European approach to winter holidays

Christmas symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ, it is a holiday of love and happiness to the whole world. People share warm wishes, try to congratulate all relatives and friends. At \ Christmas also marks the arrival of winter. Europeans decorate their homes with dazzling Christmas lights, flowers, hang balls on Christmas trees. Christmas presents are the perfect way to express love for loved ones.

The French are sure to exchange Christmas presents. By tradition, children leave their shoes near the fireplace so that Per Noel (an analogue of our Santa Claus) will fill them with fruits, nuts, toys. For Christmas, a puppet show is being played at Cathedral Square. Almost all families also play the scene of the birth of Jesus. Continue reading

This crazy, crazy world … of monuments

The monument – in the broad sense – an object that is part of the cultural heritage of the country, people, humanity.
The monument, in the narrow sense, is a work of art designed to perpetuate the memory of certain events and people.
Monuments – in fact, are an integral feature, the face of the city along with classical palaces and churches. It is the word “classic” that appears in our head when the word monument is mentioned. However, what confusion things lead us that we do not expect to see in the usual places! Over the past hundred years, a huge number of, so to speak, monuments of a new generation have appeared in the world. It seems that monuments have already been erected for everything – a monument to a kiss, a zebra, Rocky Balboa, a skull, garbage, a chair, a submarine, a women’s shoe … the list goes on and on. Just the other day, a Continue reading

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